March 11,2022 💟Weekend Writers Workshop💟

Poetry: Use the site to be your Muse. Make a Chapbook (10-30 poems) using letters from the alphabet Give it a theme and do your best to go in order. Like Cars/Vehicles/ Transportation, Animals/ Insects, Wonders of the World, Gems, Professions, Food, Colors, Planets, All Plants Etc….

Always Have Fun 🤩

Fiction: Dooms Day 

Go to YouTube. Search Dooms Day Preppers. Watch a documentary to get inspired, let it be your Muse on a Short Story Collection or a Novel Series . 

Always Have Fun 🤩

Screen Plays:Legal Humble Professions/and Illegal Professions

Write a Script based on Humble beginnings/ and or Jobs. Jobs like Sanitation professionals, Nurses, Retail, and Fast food workers. Cashiers. Farmworkers/ Drug Dealers, Shooters, Hitmen, Getaway Car Drivers, Robbers, Extorters etc….

Always have fun 🤩

Non-Fiction: Give your reasons why you decided to work in the area you work in. What inspired you? Who inspired you? What did you have to start out with?

Always Have Fun 🤩


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