March 9,2022 ⭐️❤️‍🔥The Writers Journey ❤️‍🔥⭐️

Top of the morning🥰🤩 or is it Top Boy this morning ❣️ Just got some news fresh off the presses. My favorite Netflix Show coming back March 18 Top Boy I need to reward myself with watching this🙄😳 . If I write a certain amount(approx. 750-1000words) I get to watch a episode. It’s eight episodes so it’s Eight golden carrots or nuggets leading me on in my writing journey.

Today is Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts . Im posting this post later than usual I had a few daily things to do. Refill bleach bottles, cut 2 pineapples up eat breakfast wash dishes take out trash wash dish cloths Paperwork Im busy like a bee 🐝

The Prompts will be up in a hour or two. Stay in the Mix….

Yesterday I wrote 2 poems and ended a chapter. Im now on Chapter 25:You Welcome . So I’m at 58,541 words I think this novel gonna be 75,000-78000 words and I still think it’s gonna need a sequel I have a few books imma be working on before anything is published including a prequel to the Enaji-O Series

🚨New schedule for my post is Wednesday Friday Saturday and possibly Sunday if I have some dope content Stay in the Mix….🤩🚨

Welp let me get started on the prompts. I don’t need to be talking about Enaji I need to be Writing Enaji I’ve talked way too much time for Actions.🤩 I want y’all to have a Dope 🐫Hump Day🐫 Stay In The Mix for the Prompts I’ll be back in a couple winks.

✍🏾StaySafe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing ✍🏾

❤️‍🔥Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out ❤️‍🔥

⭐️The Ninth Poetess,LLC ⭐️

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