March 6,2022 ❇️The Ninth Poetess Chronicles❇️

Top of the Morning ❄️🥰 Its Brick Mother Nature done gone Wonky 🙄 . Today is my day off from posting but I had to let y’all know I’ll be back Wednesday Friday Saturday and possibly Sunday with Possibly Poetry Or Short Story. This is the schedule. Check out the site anytime but I’ll be posting new content those days.

How’s my WIP coming along this week. Welp I’ve written a little over 2,900 + words I wish I could get that amount in one day of work but I’ll take it because it adds up and it’s a step forward in a WIP. Enaji has grown from a naïve little girl to a curious young lady that wants answers . It’s getting Good.🤩

Welp imma end it here so I can dive into my WIP bless y’all Sunday take the day off or get into your WIP like you never have before. Either Way Rock it out. TTYL Be back Wednesday

💛⛱The Ninth Poetess, LLC ⛱💛

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