March 4,2022 ✴️Weekend Writers Workshop✴️



Find a poem that you resonate with be it from your favorite poet or a new poet you find on a poem database like then re-write the poem you have in mind the way you see fit. Let the Poem be your Muse.

Always Have Fun 🤩


Read a new genre that you always wanted to get into. Then after you read that novel determine whether you see yourself writing in that genre yourself. If you say yes, you want to start a new WIP in the genre you just finished reading, Write a Prologue to your new WIP idea then start on an outline for your new WIP and become one with your new creative piece and dive into coming up with your manuscript.

Always Have Fun 🤩


Share some of your resources on how you’ve made moves in building your empire. Talk about some of the conversations and things that may have worried you that your Mentors may have helped you put out that negative fire that brewed. Dont leave nothing out be detailed.

Always Have Fun 🤩


Turn one of the Fiction Novels you’ve finished or your Memoir you’ve worked on into a screenplay. Before you start you should read some Books on Screenwriting. Some Authors(Giants in screenwriting) are Syd Field and Lew Hunter Books on screenwriting. Invest in some of their direction. And use the terms from Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts on to help you along your way.

Always Have Fun 🤩

🔸-The Ninth Poetess,LLC-🔸

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