February 27,2022 ❇️Possibly Poetry ShortStory❇️

Surprise I’ m Back !!!!! Got some content to share from Enaji-O and a poem I would of had in Lifted Moon. I hope ya’ll are loving on your family and taking time to relax and do some self care. Bless Us All, EVERY DAY INCLUDING Sunday 🙏AMEN!!!!!🙏🏼AMEN!!!!!! 🙏🏾AMEN!!!!! 🙏🏽Im about to have church in my spirit by myself . Ya’ll Welcomed to Join Me. 🙏🏿

I have two poems I want to showcase today One poem that is in Enaji-O in her father “Monster” POV for her and her deceased mother to listen to. . He’s in Prison writing these Poems as his outlet/therapy and to keep his daughter close to him. they share the same gift. The second Poem is inspirational in a way. I Hope ya’ll like them both. Bless Ya’ll.

Loving You Kills Regret

When your mom told me she was pregnant, I wanted to give you both the world.

No matter what it took.

No matter what it took I regret.

Hello, love thru darkness and the pain of you not being here

It’s my fault, my lifestyle is what separated us temporarily

It’s our seed that brings us together as one.

You are love that brings regret to the killing floor

You remind me that life is not just a dream, but it’s a event worth living

I count my blessings with numbers beyond belief including you in every one.

Love kills regret in everyone

In everyone Love Kills Regret

-The Ninth Poetess-

Take Care Of Me !

Lost my mind a long time ago

In this wheelchair and can’t walk  no mo

Nervous and upset mostly and confused all the time

In a nursing home without a dime

Sick to my stomach don’t want to eat,just want to leave

Looking for my kids who have passed on and I’ve forgotten that I’ve Grieved

Beating nurse aids asses and taking names

Wondering if I will die who will be around to claim?

Who put me here?

Everyone to blame

Where’s the exit door?

Everything looks the same.

Don’t touch me!

I’m in the way? So!

I’ll be back when you ain’t looking, in your way again

Trouble is what I’m cooking

Just as lonely as I can be

 Precious life of mine is held on by several threads.

Patience and kindness goes a long way with me.

Needing help and nothing wrong. 

I want to sit in your face.

You better listen to my conversation even though it’s long.

I miss my family, miss my life, in a shell of myself holding onto spunk and strength only thing I got left.

I might have a smile or two in me, but that’s all you get.

I’m quick with my hands, you just might get hit.

-Ninth Poetess-

These poems I wrote years ago resonate in present tense I’m kind of spooking myself out 🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳😲😲😲🙀🙀🙀

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