February 23,2022 🌟🤎🐫The Happenings On Hump Day 🐫🤎🌟

Top of the morning my favorite loves❤️‍🔥🥰❣️ my heart is yearning and burning like a inferno for y’all. ❤️‍🔥🤓❤️‍🔥🤓❤️‍🔥 What’s Happening Today ? Today is Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts and I’m debating if I want to add a segment to the prompts something fresh and new. A screenwriters segment possibly. Screenwriting topics is so similar to Fictional writing just the format layout and a little bit of content differ. I could say write a romance and the same story could be done both ways novel and screenplay. So the segment won’t be too long. It will be straight to the point not too much fluff. Around Noon I will have Prompts together. Be looking out.🤓🤩

PS it was around 2 pm I posted the prompts I apologize my loves🥰 I have been fighting with migraines and depression and all I want to do is sleep😫😢🤯😭🥺😩😞 Nothing been getting done I feel bad about it. But I do manage to post for y’all blessings my great people I hope your Hump Day gave you everything you needed. Love y’all ❣️🥰❤️‍🔥🤩🤓🌟

✍🏾StaySafe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing ✍🏾

🐫Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out 🐫

🌟🤎The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🤎🌟

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