🗂February 18,2022🗂 Weekend Writers Workshop

New App and Site I want to showcase today its called : 



This is Author Level Up Channel on YouTube. He’s gonna show you the ins and outs of the program. Its so Dope to get into this because it makes it fun the more you complete each section. And each section you’re getting your WIP in order.

Memoirs: Found a Dope site that Give you 7 Steps to Writing a Powerful Memoir. Imma let the site page do all the talking I found the information pretty Educational and Motivational.

Have fun this weekend. Embrace your Muse And Rock Out. Rock On Friends and HeartBeats. Crank out that Dope ish!!!!! 🤩🤓🥰❤️‍🔥🎼🤍🦢

🎼🦢The Ninth Poetess,LLC🦢🎼

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