February 16,2022 ❇️🍏🐴The Writers Journey 🍏🐴❇️

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats Family ❣️❤️‍🔥🥰 I’ve been watching one of my favorite influencers Sarra Cannon her last Vlog is Dope please check it out it changed the game for me. Not to spoil it but just to explain what her Vlog did for me. Y’all know I love Journaling just to vent my personal issues or day. When I tell you when she said journal your novel to get you ready to work on Craft all the connectors in my brain lit up like the sun getting cut on by the ArchAngels but the Angel is Sarra Cannon 🤓😇🙏🏽 she’s inside my head. Who told her I’m look lacking on writing. She’s getting me all the way together. At this point if I don’t write/Journal the WIP I’m being a stubborn ol mule. I love her system with her index cards and journals I just don’t know if I could follow that throughout the entirety of writing a novel. But the Journal the Novel I’m telling y’all get into it. Game Changer.🤓🤩🌟😇🙏🏽 It Excited me So Much Thank you Sarra❣️🥰❤️‍🔥 Too Hot to Touch Too Hot To Handle that for Sure. ❤️‍🔥

Working On WIPS: Today imma Start off Journaling Enaji Story Reading what I have over and possibly sketching out a ending for it so I can move on to putting it all together. Otherwise Enaji would be a EPIC Novel if I go the way I’m going🙄😩🥺🤓🤣

Menu At Ninths: Dollar Tree Egg Roll Fries coffee bottled water. Yesterday I had restaurant meal disgusting to say the least. I want to know why in the h*** when you order food you can’t get a hot meal restaurants don’t toast taco shells no more hard shell s be soggy. Just trife. Chicken is up there in cost of diamonds and pearls. What is going on? It’s a scandal. 🧐🤨😒 my dang tacos the best any dang way and I use veggie crumbles i toast my shells or get messy with tostada shells. Dang restaurant a dang rip off.

Medic At Ninths: yesterday I had a physical and they took my fluids for testing I got my results back I don’t know what I’m looking At I just want to make sure my kidneys in good working order. My grandmother had kidney failure. So I am always terrified of catching that. I say catching like somebody can give kidney failure 😞🙄 it’s going around like you can catch it. Young and Old it don’t discriminate. Dialysis clinics be packed like the club. Which is disheartening 😩😭🥺 I never want to be so far gone where I’m needing an organ. So I’m fighting on a regular to stay healthy one reason I quit drinking alcohol I joke around saying I need a drink but my tolerance is too high to just have one or two drinks and enjoy the affects. I could definitely hurt my organs over time drinking just to feel the affects. My drink of choice is Tequila mixed in a daiquiri or thick fruit juice Bangs🥰😋No Drink for me. ❌

Welp let me start my day HeartBeats. Because y’all keep me going y’all keep me working my pen. Y’all keep me here with y’all Everyday. And that’s love. I appreciate all my followers and friends to the NOW Group enjoy the Site Join Follow Like you will be updated to all my postings on the site. Today is Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts I will post a little after the Arch Angels Cut on the lights. And Friday y’all gonna love the information I have for Weekend Writers Workshop Stay Tuned In….Imma take a pause Imma comeback with Prompts ✍🏾Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing ✍🏾

❤️‍🔥Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out ❤️‍🔥

📗🍏🐴The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🍏🐴📗

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