February 16,2022 🌟🖤 The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🖤🌟

Blessings 🥰🤓❤️‍🔥. I’m full of emotions since yesterday. Dr Appts. are a trigger for me. My eyes been watering and sad feelings like I want to ugly cry I’ve been holding back tears. I need to get the crying over with so I can get back to work I’ve been journaling plotting outlining the possible ending of Enaji I’m happy I’m back on track just had to voice that let me get back to Craft. Bless y’all. A nap is calling my name but imma get a cup of coffee. I can’t cope🙄😩🥺🤯geesh!!!!

PS got some great news about my Exam my Kidneys are working Normal I was worried because I have family history of kidney failure so that’s always a topic of discussion everything but my Sugars came back normal and that wasn’t surprising I know what I need to do to get the numbers down. 💪💪💪🤩🤩🤩


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