February 12,2022 🌟📗💚Weekend Writers Workshop 💚📗🌟

Top of the morning my dearest friends and HeartBeats ❣️🥰 I hope y’all slept well and ready for the day I’m up piddling drinking my instant coffee And chocolate Almond milk concoction my version of named brand restaurant iced coffee. Cheaper and it will get you through in a pinch for one of my iced coffee concoctions it cents on a dollar compared to 7-8 bucks. Them extra espresso shots add up if I want to juice my iced coffee up with more caffeine I just add extra scoops of instant coffee I can buy one jar of instant coffee and 2 half gallons of chocolate Almond Milk 🥛 for the cost of restaurant/cafe iced coffee if I go to ALDIS, but that my preference that’s how I roll. 🥰😋

I don’t want to talk about coffee ☕️ this whole post I’m actually on here posting because I want to add to yesterday’s Weekend Writers Workshop. I left out a helpful step thinking I could post it next week but this weekend you would appreciate it more.🥰🤩

Title Tips: what and where ever your storing your Documents on your computer / internet should give you different documents and formats to choose from. Imma tell you a little secret ssh❣️ Tell everybody and have them view the exercise from Friday then get them to join the HeartBeats Family 🥰🥰🥰

Every writing Engine has different documents Writing, Charting,Slide making etc… Today I’m talking about Charting your Titles and you can chart everything from word counts to Characters profiles most of all, All your Book TitlesFrom Novellas,Series, Chapbooks/Poems , Non Fiction, Memoirs etc…You put together your charting form how you want too something easy for you to use and go too. Have Fun putting this together It’s rewarding seeing all your ideas in one place all you have to do is pick the first one your burning on the inside for like a inferno to start on.🤩🥵🔥🧯🚒 you might not want to put the fire out. It will consume you for sure. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Bedtime so get ready😳🙄🤩🥰

Welp let me start my morning the sun will be up soon. Imma Journal a little bit. I watched a little bit of Sarra Cannon before I fell into slumber🙄🥱 this morning I washed the blasted dishes. I feel like a machine. I wish I was A writing Machine flying through the pages zip zap boom 🤯🤩🥰Welp Imma Be back later maybe if not have a blessed Golden Writing Hour show-out on a page TTYL❣️🥰🤩🤓

🌟Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing 🌟

💚Make Today Count,Don’t Count It Out 💚

🌟📗The Ninth Poetess, LLC 📗🌟

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