February 11,2022 💜🎉Weekend Writers Workshop🎉💜

Exercises:Categorize your genre and titles or Poems , Fiction and Screenplays.


Ex. Inspirational  Death   Love   Places  Objects   Holidays

  1.                    1.          1.       1.          1.            1.
  2.                    2            2       2           2             2

 Write as many names of titles of poems  as you can. The more names the more poems you’ll have for critiquing.

(Remember 25 poems or less can make a Chapbook for publishing/marketing) After you have your Genres and Titles you can choose one and start writing your poems.


Ex. Romance  Thriller   Horror Western Fantasy   Urban

  1.                 1.           1.       1.           1.            1.
  2.                 2            2        2            2             2
  3.                 3            3        3            3             3

Write as many title names as you can to your genres you chose. There are many genres this is just a few for example. After you have your list of titles choose a title and come up with characters for your novel/screenplay You can start working on your new WIP.

Have fun and if you have any questions please email me back. Also this exercise is on the website.

Talk To You All Later

Stay Safe, Stay Alive,Stay Warm, Stay Dope & Keep Writing 

🧡👩🏽‍🌾The Ninth Poetess,LLC👩🏽‍🌾🧡

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