February 6,2022 🖤✨ The Golden Writing Hour ✨🖤

Top of the morning my dear friends and HeartBeats ❣️🥰 this morning around 1am was the Golden Hour for my Writing and Craft I wrote till 4 am Three hours and 800 + words I’ll take it. Listened to the chillest pomodoro ever the ones I’ve found on YouTube are Dope. Jazz the best ones anything else are hair raisers. Abbie Emmons has a jazz pomodoro imma use next session. I’ve been listening to one where they Are in a cafe i think I don’t know he’s listening to the softest jazz ever. I love it.❣️I stopped At a fun part of the story the poetry POV the poem is about carrying a automatic weapon. You will be surprised who POV this poem comes from they gonna bring the heat more ways than one. 🤓✨🌌✨ the Cosmos Aligned this morning and I busted open a can of buttermilk biscuits (figuratively ) on the page and it’s hot enough to bake them and a roast with gravy and onions that sound so tasty that’s how I wrote this morning it’s a tasty sweet treat🤯🤩🥰✨🌌✨

Bless y’all imma take a pause and come back with The Writers Journey or the Chronicle today I’ve been up all night no sleep and it’s starting to hit me. Imma lay me down I tweeted this morning hours ago I’m late took me a minute to finish this post. I need to get a couple winks of sleep before I do another sprint session. Imma TTYL❣️🥰🤩✨🤓

🌟Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope& Keep Writing 🌟

🌟Capture the Day,Bask in it&Rub it in like Lotion 🌟

🤎🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻🤎

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