February 4,2022 💜🎉Weekend Writers Workshop🎉💜

World Building: How to World Build When you have writer’s block or even when you just starting out you need to find and stir up your Muse.

Starting something fresh and new you want to:

  1. Look at Free images/stock photos to spark a flame. Look at pictures of people or maybe Animals doing anything. Write what you love. When looking at these free images download the ones you like Because just maybe you have found a new book cover for your new WIP.
  2. Check out at the library or thrift and buy a Crime Reference Book. There are many different types out there. Crime Forensics, Crime Law, Crime Reference etc….Why? Books with Bad guys are goooood and they sell. Martin Roth Crime Reference Book is Top Notch. Goodreads.com has it. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1610365.The_Writer_s_Complete_Crime_Reference_Book?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=ZGdVR02qoj&rank=1 Check into it . However money you spend will be the best dang investment you ever make, As long as you continue to use the books. Type in Crime Reference in the search engine on Good Reads and many books will pop up. Martin Roth is the one I have And know about though. Get Print or Ebook. Ebook may be a game changer on saving on cost. I don’t know what ever you do check it out and do your research.
  3. If your a hungry information machine on craft like I am. I know you will enjoy this Gigantic TidBit of information. Ive been knowing this info for a while and I don’t know if I shared this on the site yet. writershelpingwriters.net is doper than a scope but what’s doper than that is the Bookstorehttps://writershelpingwriters.net/bookstore/ If you can invest in their collection of Thesauruses . These books will help you out when your in a pinch.

Do Enjoy this journey you are on and don’t get overwhelmed. Go at your own pace. Stay encouraged and Inspired.

Ninth 🙂

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