January 29,2022 🌟🖤🐼The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🐼🖤🌟

Blessings Friends and HeartBeats 🥰🤩🤓 sorry for the late post. I have been up working working working like a honey bee retrieving info for next weeks Weekend Writing Workshop only on Fridays. Y’all gonna be like this is too much🤓😵‍💫😳👀 wait a minute. Don’t worry it will be archived in post and on Blog 2. I didn’t make a New Page because I’m trying to drive traffic to Blog 1-Blog 2 I think those two pages get forgotten about along with the Freebie page. The Weekly Writing Prompts and Authors Page gets a lot more traffic than those two Pages. We will see how it pans out.

Safety At Ninths: It’s been Quiet and Safe Can not complain. It’s been peaceful and I thank the heavens and ArchAngels continue to shield us from the Unwanteds AMEN🙏🏽 My little prayer for us.

I worry about safety because these days are changing more than the wind blows. Years ago we went through something on my block that changed me I feel like forever. I just haven’t been right. I’m very sensitive to spirit and just sensitive period I take things a different way where others may have gotten over it I still harp on it like it was yesterday. That’s just me. But I feel as if everyday I pray as hard as I do its deterring the Demons that prey but I hope they stay away when I pray🙏🏽 been reliving it for years it’s turned into an sickness I can’t cope with. It’s time for a change and I mean NOW AMEN🙏🏽🌟

Menu At Ninths/Medic At Ninths : I fastfood it again today vegan burger fries orange soda 🍊 imma learn. It would be my luck one day Corona will be a side item in one of my fast food meals. I need to slow down. And I mean right now 😳🙄👀 I need to start eating from home cooked. Safety is key.😷😷😷

Welp imma bless y’all later on tonight maybe early early morning with The Writers Journey or The Just Write Mo’s we will see. Imma TTYL y’all get into y’all WIPS so deep you can’t find your way back Out. Or maybe you Don’t want to Come Back Like Me. 🙄✍🏾Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm &Keep Writing ✍🏾

🙏🏽Make This Moment Count, Don’t Count It Out 🙏🏽

🌟🖤🐼The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐼🖤🌟

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