January 28,2022 🖤📄🖋The Writers Journey 📄🖋🖤

Blessings, Today I’ve been dealing with Techs and I’ve been trying to get some things in order to Protect me. Bless It, that’s what’s this year is about Being Safe Being Alert Being Alive Being Warm so I can Keep Writing the Writers overall dream. I thought I might bring backThe Writers Journey tonight. Today I decided to take off for one I can barely focus on one thing today (Techs) I’ve been in knots 🪢 all day in Customer Service ( uneasy to say the least)

I did watch The Writing Gals most recent Vlog Gave me a Idea for Exercises this weekend that may spur some dope new projects for y’all🤩

Weekend Writers Workshop: New Exercises🤓

Character Building: Think about the genre you want to write in. There’s many think about possible names physical descriptions what type of personality traits your giving your character. Describe them down to there birthday and zodiac sign. Work the zodiac sign into the personality. Will this person be a lead character or someone in the background? What type of stories could this character fit Him/Herself in? Come up with many characters. Make your own catalog you can reference to when you in need to spruce up a WIP. Or When you flat out Need to Write A New WIP you can refer back to your Catalogue of Treasures. Because that’s what’s your making Treasures waiting to be seen and loved.

Tools to Building Characters: Give your character a Name. I Do this well I try to do this from the very beginning. So they grow into there name. If this isn’t your speed you can always insert later(More Work to think about🙄) Where do you get the names from? They actually have baby name sites you can look up meanings to the name to work into the story and dialogue make it mysterious and with meaning. You can buy baby name books or get one from a Library if they have them. Baby name books is an investment that will pay for itself over and over. You might wear the book out if your a prolific writer.🤩🙄🤓

🌟Next Weekend will be World Building Stay Tuned…..🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🌟

Menu At Ninths/Medic At Ninths:Dollar Tree Egg Roll are back in effect🥰 missing my Pepsi though. My kidneys need a break. My sugars run slightly low medium high depending on what I’ve eating and when I’ve taken the special sugar pill. Anything is better than being in the 200-300 range I was in off medicine during the scarier newer parts of Corona. I didn’t go to appointment to get my refills until I got sick and had to go . Don’t be like the old me. Take your behind to the Doctor don’t damage yourself over Corona she cares nothing bout you. Hospital is a safe place. Wear your mask take a mask when you get there they hand you put it on and stay blessed and keep your distance. I was scared too but the stakes is just as high if not higher if you don’t keep your primary stash of medication stocked up that’s just as important as staying away from CoVid Omicron and Delta. Be Safe Everyone Both Ways. Always All Days, All Nights🤩 Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm& Keep Writing ✍🏾

💚Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out💚

🖤The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🖤

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