January 24,2022✨ 💚🐢The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🐢💚✨

Top of the morning friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 this morning I’m thinking about my Group member that I’ve met and I’ve enjoyed their time. I’ve messaged a member that did spoken word poetry that was so doper than a scope it’s like it was yesterday I still feel the energy coming from him. He was really dope and talented. Haven’t seen him in 3 years. I haven’t seen anyone in 2-3 years. Blasted Corona. Corona will make you want to get drunk and nurse yourself on some Coronas 🍻🍺. (Don’t do this if you do do it Responsibly Please, Thank You) Everything happens for a reason whatever reason this coronavirus came busting out from the pits of hell for don’t make sense other than the extinction of mankind like the dinosaurs. Us humans been pressing our luck over running Earth precious necessities and I’m Sure Mother Nature trying to flex in attempts to killing us and the mad scientist who has destroyed the ozone. Ozone goes Bees go we go might as well be on The Moon or Mars We might be safer on Mars who knows🤷‍♂️🤷🏾🤷🏽‍♀️

Working On WIPS/Dailys At Ninths:imma work on Enaji after I wash and take care of my scalp. It’s dry and needs moisture so coconut oil it is to the rescue. My mom use to do my Apple Cider VinegarHair/Scalp Treatments then oil me up with coconut oil on my scalp made my hair grow so long. My hair follicles were in a happy place🥰 Don’t have Apple Cider Vinegar today but I can grease it up. It’s been so dry this year Mother Nature a mess and she’s pissed off about something. Only she knows what she’s doing these days.

Im getting better on staying inside the Golden Writing Hour yesterday I wrote4-5 hours. Doper than a scope wrote about 900 plus words. I left off on my favorite part of the book , the poetry🥰🤩. So I can’t wait to get back to Craft today.

Menu At Ninths : I want Chinese today will I get Chinese I don’t know 🤷🏾🤷‍♂️ 🤷🏽‍♀️. Ive got a taste for chicken on a stick. And egg rolls and I need some Pepsi possibly a dash of Rum in it so I can get into my Golden Writing Hour today maybe. I won’t have Rum today so I guess I’m just dreaming ( Drink Responsibly) some people need there vices to work on there Craft my vice is a quiet space coffee and or sugarfree lemonade. If it’s sugar free it’s liquor free too unfortunately. Respecting the Higher Ups. I can dream all day long about it. What can I do? I Pretend. Without the hangover. That’s the best way. Cheaper too. Sparkling waters I like is less than a buck at ALDIs wine coolers for 4-6 of them 7.99 on up and these are prices I remember from several years ago they could have gone up ⬆️ alcohol is expensive. Then you paying for it in the morning physically hangover it’s not worth it. It gives you a vibe then it snatches you up and inserts pain on thy brain. No thank you I need my brain cells I have left.🙄

Welp let me get to my day I’ve been messaging friends and mentor today. Have a beautiful day work on that WIP crank out some dope content. Bless yall TTYL everyone 🥰

✍🏾Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm& Keep Writing ✍🏽

🌼Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out 🌼

💚🐢The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐢💚

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