January 23,2022 ✨✍🏾The Just Write Mo’s✍🏽✨


Working On WIPS : my night has gone A1 Top Notch productive. I worked on Enaji from 4:30-9 pm close to 5 hours I was in the zone I’m finished with chapter 21 in the groove of writing a poem to go with the chapter tomorrow my favorite . I wrote 900 words tonight which is the ish I want I just wish it didn’t take 4-5 hours. I watched the news and one of my evening shows I like to watch. I just listened.

Menu At Ninths: I made breakfast food and my banana pudding concoction that me and my aunt loves so much. Wish I had some cheap champagne that’s the best. Bubbles go to your head. 🥂🍾😝😩🤯😵‍💫🥴😴🍾🥂 I wish I had a alcoholic beverage I would probably write some dope ish on one. Who knows🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏾🤷‍♂️

Welp imma take a pause I’m pretty tired I. Imma try to get up at 4-5 am if I sleep now. Have a blessed night. ✨✍🏽Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm & Keep Writing ✍🏽

I hope y’all, 🌼“ Captured the day, Basked in it, And Rubbed It In Like Lotion 🧴🌼

💚🍾The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🍾💚

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