January 21,2022 💛🌻The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🌻💛

Blessings Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 Today has been a Epic Day. This week has been a Epic Week. First off I conversed with the Legendary Beverly Jenkins head over to her sitebeverlyjenkins.net check her out. Then got the shocker that brought me back to life then I died and came back to life now I’m holding on to the paddles .🙄Harlequin Books http://harlequin.com gave me encouragement on my future submissions to Harlequin. Dooooper than a scope!!!🤩✨🥰 . All I need is something to write with my coffee concoction and a quiet comfortable space the joys of life hanging with your Muse.

The Golden Writing Hour: I actually wrote during all evening news segments. Trust Me What I Wrote was more pleasing than the chaos happening 800,000 died of Covid I don’t know the time frame but, that’s extremely too many people gone today from the “ Monster” aka Coronavirus now they got a newer Variant than Omicron. I didn’t even attempt to memorize the new name. It’s a scandal.🙄 I wrote about 800 words today trying to stay in the zone with my Muse(My Happy Place). Then I stopped got on Twitter and tweeted on how my week treated me. And it’s a Amazing 🤩. remember my story Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s this is a romance novel Well it could be Its just action packed. I’m wondering how many books I could publish with Harlequin. I’m getting excited like I’m ready this second and I’m far from it. Enaji needs formatting before I attempt to let another set of eyeballs grace the pages. I’m just trying to finish the first part of the Series,

Menu At Ninths: had a thin crust pizza 🍕The cheap ones. They the best . Had 2 cups of coffee might stay up or I might crash and get up at 3-4 am. That’s the best time for me and my muse.

Welp friends and HeartBeats Family 💗 this is how my day panned out. I hope y’all had a EPIC Day today. What do y’all have planned for the weekend imma close myself in and pretend I’m at a resort on a Writing retreat doing Sprints Saturday and Sunday not lifting nothing but a pen 🧠. well imma TTYL everyone 🥰💗 ✍🏽Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm&Keep Writing ✍🏽

✨Make This Weekend Count, Don’t Count It Out✨

💛🌼The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌼💛

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