January 20,2022 💙🦋✍🏾The Writing Journey🦋✍🏾💙

Top of the morning Everyone, I absolutely adore and love ya’ll. 💗🥰You all keep me going. What are y’all drinking this morning? Im drinking lemonade wish I had some vodka or tequila, maybe even some gin to splash in it. its only in the 6:30A.M. Not to early for a drank right? Right?LOL🤣. Now my Muse came to me in a different way this morning Ive been up since 5am. Ive been so adamant on publishing my novels myself (self publishing) Forgot all about publishing with a Book Press. Now I was scrolling down my Twitter feed and came across. Brace yourself. Harlequin has a Press for African American Writers. This blows my mind.🤯Also, I have a link for other Black Presseshttps://writingtipsoasis.com/top-african-american-book-publishing-companies/ Check this out! Pure Dopeness. This has put a new fire under my Bum. (a inferno🔥) That I know will not go out. So I’m excited this morning to get to work. I didn’t get to working on Enaji yesterday but received this idea this morning from my Muse and that’s okay. I guess my Muse said “I Know what’s gonna get you moving.” This is so dope🤩.

I’m thinking about making a nice pot of either kidney beans or Great Northerns I think this time I’ll make some Great Northerns and a pan of cornbread. 🐻‍❄️Its cold enough for some bean soup. Wind cuts right through you taking your breath away. Be careful ya’ll going outside in low temps. Not only its cold if you have breathing issues think twice about going out. If you don’t have to go out stay inside. It will take your breath and it won’t give it back. 🐻‍❄️

Safety At Ninths:

It’s been safe and quiet. The Arch Angels stay on duty, Always. Bless It. Amen.

Working On WIPS:

Today my Golden Writing Hour gonna be from 9:30 a.m. to whenever I stop. hopefully 11 or 12p.m. that’s my first sprint my next sprint will be around 3or 4 I need some time in there to prep my beans.

Welp Imma start my day Friends and HeartBeats family💗Have a beautiful and productive ✨Golden Writing Hour✨Stay Safe, Stay Alive, Stay Warm &Keep Writing

Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out

💛🌻The Ninth Poetess,LLC🌻💛

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