January 20,2022 💙📘🦋The Ninth Poetess Chronicles 🦋📘💙

Blessings my favorite people(All of you that’s in view) 🥰🤩 I experienced a pickle of a evening now I want to know is this a scammer or Hacker or what? Let me know. I had a lady offer to write a Medical Article for the NOW GROUP Site. I turned her down but I felt like I said too much in the Three messages I sent. Something ain’t right why don’t they post on their own site? And the topic is sensitive in Nature too. Legalities are endless. My site not even a Medical site so if y’all see my name or site name mixed up in some Medical article it’s an imposter not me. I talk about my own Medical Woes but that’s different I ain’t giving tips and tricks on how to heal or things I do to overcome a ailment I’m no doctor and my page is not that. I hope they figure it out, but I’m good I don’t think I need help with writing my Blog. I don’t need outside writers stepping in. People don’t do stuff for free these days and free is my language. But most of all I don’t need help.

The Golden Writing Hour✨: Check it out yall. Enaji is getting hot and steamy. Don’t know how far yet imma take it with the first intimate scene. What ever I do imma do my best to be tasteful. My family eyeballs may glide across the pages of Enaji. I don’t want to freak them out too much.👀🙄 But my Golden Writing Hour wasn’t as planned today. My first sprint was from 5:30-7 pm my plan is to write 4:30-5 to 8am I get up naturally at that hour every day like I power napped up ready for Craft.

Menu At Ninths: Today I didn’t make Beans today but I got the ingredients I needed to make me and my aunt a Vegan Pot of Kidney beans and sweet Peppers and onions. And cornbread Recipe in my cookbook I’m working on. Stay Tuned… 🥰🤩 Today I had the fastfood. This time I didn’t get sick. I guess I was Adventurous getting fastfood again this week after 🤮 no words needed🙄 Imma learn, won’t I?

Welp imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with ✍🏾The Writer’s Journey ✍🏾 have a beautiful evening y’all ✍🏾🦋Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm & Keep Writing🦋 ✍🏾

💛📒Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out📒💛

🤍🐻‍❄️The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻‍❄️🤍

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