January 18,2022 Just Write Mo 

Blessings friends and HeartBeats how has yalls day panned out? Mines has been productive for a change The Golden Writing Hour was 4:30-7:30 I wrote a few words shy of 900. Thats a whole freaking vibe予戊弘戊予弘 Im in a meditative state kind of Im trying to be relaxed tonight and carefree not caring about a thing outside or inside or letting ish get under my skin. Amen Enaji was pretty fun to get into tonight. I may get up early early morning like around 4-5:30am and just jump into Craft in this Jumpin January morning What is杳ump Day波s gonna bring.

Menu At Ninths: I had Fastfood this evening that made me sick again. I need to quit and just eat from home. At home meals is just better anyways. Not everybody sanitary and righteous . Only you know how you want your food prepared and no one else gonna cut it. Gotta do it yourself. Homegrown is the best anyways.

Safety At Ninths : safety is okay I guess. I got a neighbor whos driving me bananas its too late for the shenanigans. Hopefully they settle down some. Safety been good thus far may it continue under the protection of the Arch Angels and the Higher Ups . Amen

Welp let me get to bed to get up at 4:30 -5 am to post and work on Enaji. Thats the true Golden Hour for me I wish I had some beer or something to relax my spirit get me in the mood to crank out some dopeness. We will see what my future holds to get a drink on the sneaky-sneak. SSH !!!!! Dont tell the Higher Ups!!! My aunt would unravel real quick on me.Im owed a drank. No drink on thy birthday nor new years Im up tight always a drank aint gonna hurt nobody.

Welp dearest Friends and HeartBeats Family imma call the wolves in a minute blessings to all of you. Yall keep me going TTYL 鳶予弘

鋤tay Safe, Stay Alive Stay Warm & Keep Writing

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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