January 16,2022 💙🦋The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🦋💙

Blessings everyone 🥰💗 I have a little post today I hope y’all don’t jump down my throat and down my back😬🙄 I’m a human it’s the sacred day I’m not all the way clocked in upstairs. I feel like doing nothing. Last night I was in my feelings frustrated with ish that doesn’t concerns me. I’m just trying to stay out the way and purge the Unwanteds feelings away. Just hurt my feelings and I’m tired of it all the time. Bless my life. It’s just time for me to think for myself my happiness and my wants in life. I know how to get there it’s just gonna be a second or two. Today imma watch Writing Gals I’ve missed a lot of their content. Some book launchers may be in the mix too. Yesterday I journaled 2 single space pages I was in my hurt little feelings. Of course people know I’m not human and talk and do what they want to me freaking hurtful ish. I have nerve endings I feel pain heart mind soul body. We will see how ish pans out. I can’t plan and move fast enough. Literally though. Ish ain’t gonna change if I stay. I gotta change to leave. I’m a pleasant person humble I retreat from arguing. I’m respectful. Sometimes it’s not enough sometimes all your beliefs and religion ain’t enough. Everything out the window. Even me. That’s the escape route to happiness and imma take it. It’s better avenues to life than this. And im ready to find it.

Welp today I’m watching YouTube taking the day off.

Menu At Ninths: I had roast and potatoes banana pudding concoction kombucha I should have got a case of flavored beer next time I will. That would piss off the higher ups 🤣🤣🤣😂😅😂🤣😇 even Jesus turned water into wine. I ain’t too good for a beer or 3or4 real talk. 🙄

Welp dearest friends and HeartBeats family 💗💗🤍🤍💙💙 pray for happiness for yourself and others through meditation 🧘 I’m doing it as I speak.have a blessed relaxed safe Sunday. Monday MLK Day Relax that day I may post I may not I’ll figure it out. I need a tequila shot. I guess this kombucha gonna have to do the trick( it’s just pissing me off🙄)

✍🏾Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out ✍🏾

💙🦋Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm & Keep Writing🦋💙

💗🤍💙The Ninth Poetess, LLC💙🤍💗

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