January 14,2022 🧘🤍The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🧘🤍

Blessings Everyone🙏🏽 Im talking about Suicidal Thoughts and Depression in this post and Health scares(Cancer) and Death of my mom. But this is still a inspirational post if you read down to the end try to get Positively Inspired(Ninth🙏🏽🤍)

Medic At Ninths: I’m still here don’t fret🥰😬😬😬 if you’ve been to my Twitter tonight you already know what’s going on with me but I have to let y’all know too. I’m having a Cancer Scare on my Breast just like what my mom had that spread like a wildfire before she passed. It went to her liver and her brain and her bones and she fought it over 20 years she’s a Gladiator a Viking a Goddess that I worship even after her death she’s still the strongest person to me on the planet earth and now she’s in the Cosmos in Heaven. Bless It. 🙏🏽🥰 if she was alive she would want me to remove both breast and I’ll say it again I have no qualms in removing them. It’s the most responsible thing I could do to deter the unruly unwanted named Cancer.

Today was drugged out trying to contact physicians. They are booked if you don’t already have a scheduled appointment. You have to go to urgent care and you better pray your insurance cover it.Bless It. That’s almost like a emergency room visit.. Check on your insurance if they cover urgent care because seeing drs nowadays they will book you a month or more out it’s backed up. Why I don’t know. Happened to me today on one of my Appointments.

Imma fight for my life. I need to be here in the world working on WIPS accomplishing the publishing game and pumping up and inspiring all that’s following me on my journey. The Devil has taken enough of my loved ones imma fight like Hell to be here for family and friends and everyone that love me. And I’ve been feeling low to the floor lately you’ll never know how someone is doing unless you ask and they tell you the honest truth. Be open and nonjudgmental so they can speak how they honestly feelhttp://suicidepreventionlifeline.org here’s a link for someone if they can’t talk to friends and family. Your life is precious your meant to be here at this time and forever more devour the love from the ones that care for u the most if you honestly have no one it’s ok to give yourself that love you are worthy to be happy Give God a chance to show you love and happiness and give you a balanced life. I’m speaking to me as well taking my own advice and loving words to heed. I was just on the ledge that’s not fit to hold humans Let someone in and talk it out these days are hard but it’s so worth fighting for. If you never fought for something fight for your life your worth every blessing the heavens have in store for you here on earth. And waking up to fight another day is blessing number 1 everything else that comes is gravy.

#Fight For Your Life Y’all and (Ninth)

Working On WIPS: tonight me and muse gonna rock it out. I may post again late night just to fill y’all in on what me and my Muse got into.🤩🥰🧘🤍

Menu At Ninths: I had leftover stir fry ramen bowl and Pepsi and some good buttery Popcorn my aunt got.😋

✍🏾Make This Moment Count, Don’t Count It Out✍🏾

🙏🏽🤎Stay safe, Stay alive, stay warm& Keep Writing 🤎🙏🏽

🤍😷The Ninth Poetess , LLC 😷🤍

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