January 13,2022 🤍🧘The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🧘🤍

Hello Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 I’ve been handling some business this morning and afternoon hopefully y’all day been groovy.🤩

Today the Writing Gals got a new Vlog on YouTube check them out. Also HeartBreathings channel on Sarra Cannons Channel has a new Vlog on YouTube check it out.

Tomorrow we got Impact weather it’s snow in the mix coming. Great excuse to cuddle up in a heated blanket or a heat pack and write your booty off.

Today I may get into the Golden Writers Hour later on tonight when it’s quiet and I’m settled in.

I’m just coolin today trying to keep my spirits up. Craft always lift me up. 🙏🏽 HeartBeats always lift me up. Bless y’all today have a beautiful night tonight.🥰

✍🏾Stay Safe,Stay Warm& Keep Writing ✍🏾

🙏Make this moment count, Don’t Count It Out 🙏

🤍😷The Ninth Poetess,LLC 😷🤍

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