January 8,2022 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning y’all 💗🥰 Today I’m on edge to catch the monster I can’t believe people still not vaccinated after 2 years y’all are magicians walking on hot coals without getting burnt. Why risk your life and everybody else’s life for your so called freedoms Corona isn’t a liability under Freedom getting the shot should be a requirement to enter our nation the people that are here should be Jailed or penalized to some degree until they are fully vaccinated it’s ridiculous. It’s just gonna keep mutating into ish we probably won’t be able to pronounce. I bet if they was cutting some big checks to get the shot our nation would already be over Omicron and Covid and some Mo ish.Let’s get Vaccinated and protected anyways for the love of our own lives and the love of our friends and family. That’s my rant this week. 🤷🏾

Working On WIPS: I’m gonna start my day shredding even though I don’t feel like doing ish today. While I’m physically able imma get a little done day by day. It just fills our cans outside up so fast. Enaji gonna get worked on while it’s on my brain yesterday was winner for the cookbook I got 4 recipes out my brain. It’s Fried!!!!😁🤣🤣🤣 I may just go back and forth working on each book each day. That’s a plan🤓🤔

Menu At Ninths: today to be honest I want BBQ Chicken Wings from one of my favorite sports bars in town. They big and crispy and juicy and saucy they go nuts. 🤪😜🤪😋😋😋 but my aunt going to her favorite Chinese Restaurant today so Chinese it is they alright they not like my favorite Chinese Spot they’ll do in a pinch. Is it a shortage on chicken wings? They done went up in cost and they don’t even give you a full wing to count. The scandal is real. 🤯🙄

I got half a bag done shredded this morning I really don’t feel like doing ish today. But I will get to movin in a little bit its gonna warm up a little bit today. Stay warm anyways y’all. Grab a heat pack and cuddle up with your notebook and write write write ✍🏾🥰🤩 this weekend is great time to write. This Corona ish Omicron ish gonna have us in Quarantine again the numbers is actually is getting worse by the day. The other day we had 1000 new Covid patients in one day 94% hospital beds occupied it’s scary and it’s a mess and a scandal 😷🤧🤒

stay home if u can stay away from unvaccinated people without a mask on. They could be carriers. Wear your mask always. Be safe at home in your sanctuary. Get in the corner of your couch or chair and write write write and keep Corona outside from under your roof. Amen Amen Amen 🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽

✍🏾Stay Safe Stay Warm &Keep Writing ✍🏾

🤍❄️ The Ninth Poetess, LLC ❄️🤍

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