January 7,2022 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Grand Rising’s my dear friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 I’m laying here having my coffee concoction and I feel better than yesterday anxiety is in hiding let me not speak it up 🙄

Safety At Ninths/Medic At Ninths: it’s been so quiet I love it. Hopefully my anxiety stay gone today. Drinking too much coffee yesterday didn’t help either thankfully I crashed then slept it off.

Working On WIPS: to be honest I don’t know if I’m gonna work on Craft today we will see. My soul says write my heart says write my physical says if I Feel Like It. So combative🙄😳 if I don’t sleep the day away I work on Enaji. I just need to tell myself I got enough winks of sleep last night🥱🥱🥱 if I can get over my brain fog that would be a thrill. I could work longer and write more. Plus I think I’m fighting depression. I’m not at my happiest point in life. I’m several notches under being okay. Being a unhappy camper can affect your writing abilities. I should be happy just to be here alive 2 years into the pandemic. That should brighten my days for eternity, but when grieving and depression hits you be like F everything the book will have to wait. And waiting it has I feel like me and Enaji ,Wilamena,Bryan,DaLosso Monster&The Big Man etc…..have fought the war together. I’m absolutely in love with the story.I just need to get the story out my head immediately🙄🤓 my brain is working faster than my hands can go. One day at a time. What can you do? Under grieving and anxiety and depression and some other ailments any content getting done is gravy. I could be not thinking about Craft doing nothing at all. Speaking on Nothing At All. Go For It Tuesday Weekly Writing Prompts this week didn’t get Posted. I’m debating whether I want to post one this week or wait till next week. I’m seriously thinking about waiting. It’s plenty of content on the archives Find one you haven’t attempted to work on it’s still fresh and new or redo a prompt from the Archives nothing wrong with that🤩🥰

Menu At Ninths: leftovers from yesterday: Traditional Spanish Rice my aunt had a bowl and she raved about how good it was but my aunt loves majority of my dishes😋 I need to work in the cookbook today while the recipe is still fresh on my brain.

Weather At Ninths: It’s Frigid today-10 below Stay warm everybody 🥶🤧❄️🐻‍❄️🤍. Guess I shouldn’t complain too much we could have 10-20 feet of snow and I shouldn’t say that too loud Mother Nature will hear me🤫🤫🤭🤭🤐🤐😵‍💫😵‍💫🤧🤧🥶🥶

Welp imma take a pause and possibly come back later with The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s . We will see. 🤩🤓 imma tell y’all what I’m excited about in writing Enaji before I go. Writing the traveling scenes she’s gonna be going to Vegas and Belize in this particular book in other books to the Series imma leave it a mystery some may already know where Enaji going in the next book. 🤩🤓🤐 if you know where get excited for the dialogue gonna be off the meat rack 🤩. Welp imma comeback later today with the ins and outs of my day Stay Warm Yall Love Yall TTYL 🥰🤩🤓🥶❄️🐻‍❄️🙏🏽

✍🏾stay safe stay warm & keep writing ✍🏾

🤍make today count,don’t count it out 🤍

🤍🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻🤍

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