January 4,2021 💚📗The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s📗💚

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 my anxiety was sky high earlier so I slept it off. I have some great stuff to talk about this morning🤓💛

I’m following http://writershelpingwriters.net Their site and blog is dope. And if you check out their bookstores their Thesauruses are doper than a scope they have so many to help you on your writing journey or your reading pleasure. The topics of the books is just that interesting to be recreational reading. 🤩🤓🧐 Check them out join their blog to get updates every time they post something new. Always Have Fun.

Menu At Ninths: Now over the holidays y’all know I made a banana pudding now I have a taste for it again it was delicious 😋 all it was was Bananas vanilla Pudding whipped cream Pecan Shortbreads 4ingredients and it banged and it was vegan no cows milk. Now We got this Apple Crumble Pie we haven’t busted open. Today is the day I got a taste for something sweet. But when dont I want a sweet treat? Some brownies sound delicious too. Or some glazed twisty tie donuts or some cake donuts 🍩 😋 today I’m making shrimp poppers wish I had some vegan egg rolls. I may have vegan hot dog 🌭 my aunt would make Smoked Carrot Dogs these are not that Mines is Soy Dogs. I may make that instead I don’t feel like frying nothing today. I may still have to fry up my fries dang it I may put the fries in the oven who needs the grease all the time🙅🏽 I don’t. But it don’t stop me most days.🙄 Faux Hot Dogs is on the menu because me and my aunt finished the Great Northerns they were really tasty with a couple spoons full of sugar in them yummy!!! 😋

Safety At Ninths: it’s been quiet thankfully my anxiety was high earlier yesterday I journaled then slept the feeling off got up feeling much better. Bless the day today to be safe and secure to us all AMEN🙏🏽

Working On WIPS: I’m not gonna jinx myself imma work on something today just don’t know what.I’ll keep y’all posted today later Family🥰🤩🤓

✍🏾stay safe, stay warm & keep writing ✍🏾

💛🔔make today count, don’t count it out 🔔💛

💛🌭The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🌭💛

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