January 3,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning my dear friends and HeartBeats Family 💗

1. Today is National Thank God It’s Monday Day

What a blessed day it’s gonna be🤩🥰 it so cold this morning burrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!🥶🥶🥶 I’ve finished one tote of unwanted paper to shred now gonna start the second box tomorrow

I’ve been up watching Book Launcher’s and Alexa Donne. They have put a fire under me this morning imma journal now then take a break. It’s still early yet my Golden Writing Hour not until this afternoon.

Menu At Ninths: Shrimp Poppers and possibly some seasoned fries maybe with some Ranch or honey mustard sauce I don’t know🤷🏾 whatever in there will suffice I ain’t pickie. Ketchup hot sauce and mayo will suffice. Whatever we got I’ll try today.

Safety At Ninths: it’s been safe and quiet like it should be and I’m thankful for that. 🙏🏽🥰 Great Time to dive into Craft or Meditation 🧘 Don’t waste the moments or Count them Out.🤓🤩

Imma take a pause and comeback with The Ninth Poetess Chronicles later on today yall crack open your journals or WIPS and put out the dopest content on the first Monday of the year.🤩Enjoy your morning have a Cup of your favorite coffee concoction. Sit in your happy place and meet your Muse half way.🧘✍🏾🤓📗💚

💛🔔make this moment count, don’t count it out🔔💛

💚📗Stay Safe, Stay Warm& Keep Writing 📗💚

🖤🐻‍❄️The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻‍❄️🖤

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