December 31,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

It’s been a somber morning and afternoon Ms. Betty White from the Golden Girls has passed at the age of 99 her birthday was just next month to turn 100. Imma tell y’all the truth this hit me like a sack of potatoes she just said how good she felt in a article or interview a few days ago. Now she’s in Heaven Blessing everyone with her craft. She was so funny y’all imma miss her. My chest been in knots since I heard about it. I need to calm me down. My spirit is shook.🤯😭

I want to know who else have a hard time exposing the fact that your a writer to people. I’m fearful (hence me having a pen name ) so fearful I don’t even want my family to know. Heck maybe that’s what I’ve Been missing all along. Them knowing what I do. Don’t think I’m brave to spill the beans to everyone. Speaking of Beans

Menu At Ninths: cooked a pot of Great Northerns I’m waiting now for them to thicken up some. I made them fancy with baby carrots in them. The carrots give it a little sweetness to them. Put what smoked meat you want in them these beans aren’t vegan today like the last pot of beans I’ve made. recipe in the cookbook stay tuned.

Safety At Ninths: who else is nervous about neighbors shooting?✋✋✋✋ I am very much so. New Years Day light can’t come fast enough. May the Arch Angel surrounding us and keep us safe Amen 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Sarra Cannon got a new Vlog on YouTube out today. Get into it. 🤩 imma check it out as soon as this post .

I’m Ready for the New Years to get here to see Day light . Darkness not so much. It has my chest in knots tonight from anxiety. I pray they don’t start shooting tonight . It’s unnerving and I can’t deal. Has me off kilter. And I cant handle that. It’s a mess an I’m a mess. Can’t wait till Monday. When the fireworks and shooting is over y’all be safe tonight Bless y’all . Have a Safe and Blessed New Year. 🤩😭

Oh I worked on Enaji-O this morning and afternoon I wrote 3 pages I think that will work 🤓

💛🔔make this moment count. don’t count it out 🔔💛

PS I apologize for the late post

🤍🐻‍❄️The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻‍❄️🤍

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