December 29,2021 🐪🐫The Happenings On Hump Day🐫🐪

Greetings Everyone 💗🥰 today has been productive and I’m excited on what content I put out. I Journaled for a little while. I can get hung up in my feelings venting out the frustrations of the day. So I cut it short. My Golden Writing Hour was from 7-8 pm I’m thinking about diving back into the zone. I shouldn’t have stopped but I felt the urge to put this post out. Each scene in Enaji is so vivid like your there I’m doing detail for detail trying not to be drab. Right now I’m on Chapter 20 Enaji and the Big Man sick from the flight from Omaha to Vegas. Enaji has Motion Sickness and the Big Man Drunk too much Alcohol on the plane so Bryan has his hands full trying to nurse them both back to health 🤓 this a little Spoiler not enough to ruin the book for anyone.🤓🥰 I did some Dailys(chores) today it was much needed . It’s Brick makes you wanna sleep all day I’ve been fighting the urges. My heat pack says otherwise 🙄

Menu At Ninths: Ramen Bowl No Egg Roll which would have been Over the Top Top Notch delicious it was filling anyways. I’m thinking about making coffee this late I may just wait for the morning to come to make it. 🙄 Water it is. I’ve been laying off Ms. Pepsi I’m trying to save my kidneys. My grandmother kidneys where bad and she had to go on dialysis I’m not trying to be that far gone and with me fighting diabetes it’s just a matter of time if I don’t get my weight down I’ve been trying to eat right no egg roll or Pepsi. I’ve had sweets Oops 😬 my eating habits need a overhaul. I eat stuff and forget I’ve ate it especially late night. Carefree eating is the worst. Like this Apple Crumble Pie We gonna break out New Years Day. What a way to celebrate? Let’s get fat yall and bring in the New Year stuffing our faces. (Not really) I need Will and his Power (Willpower) to keep me on task of my weight loss Journey. Amen 🙏🏽 But a small slice won’t hurt(or will it) we will figure it out.🙄

Safety At Ninths: Figured out which house on the block has all these SUVs passing and visiting the Block it made me wonder because every time I go get my mail they passing the house it’s unnerving and it kind of made my skin crawl like I’m getting stalked or something so now I know where the vehicles coming from kind of. I’ll always be on gaurd in my physical and spirits but it was kind of relieving today. Todays Ah Ha moment.

Welp bless y’all thank y’all for kicking it with me this year. Next year gonna be jam pack with goodies.🤩🤓. Please join me for the ride.imma take a pause and come back tomorrow with the 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾 get into the Golden Writing Hour with your Muse tonight its a special moment . Imma TTYL🥰🤓💛📗💚✌🏼

🤎🐫The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐫🤎

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