December 28,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning dearest Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗🥰 Yesterday I Shredded five Trash bags full of documents and still didn’t put a dent in the tote im working on what is going on in the Cosmos? I slept yesterday I was overwhelmed and it became too much. Don’t take much to overwhelm me y’all should see these totes y’all would say FML. 🙄 it’s a 6-12 mos project. It’s drugged out. Literally. Imma try and get Ten bags done today My shredder be overheating and need to cool down. That slows the process.

Working On WIPS: haven’t picked up my WIP in several days. But it’s the Golden Writing Hour for me right now and I’m rested up ready to rock and roll.🤓 imma jump into this WIP🐸💚 and put out some dope content this early early morning Get into it.🤓🤩

Safety At Ninths: it’s quiet until it ain’t. But it’s been quiet for awhile now. Thank the Almighty.🙏🏽Amen.

Weather At Ninths: It’s Brick outdoors. Imma warm up my heat pack in a minute I can’t stay warm for some reason.

Menu At Ninths: I don’t know what imma have today. I feel like something light a Ramen Bowl I have chicken flavor noodles and stir fry veggies and imitation crab meat which is fish anyways. Healthy Balanced Meal. Yesterday I didn’t feel like cooking I had a 1.25 small frozen Pizza. Added red pepper flakes Italian seasonings and Parmesan cheese. Banged. Today Ramen bowl will Suffice.

Welp Imma take a pause and comeback later with 🤓Just Write Mo 🤓 segment Also Go For It Tuesday Weekly Writing Prompts will be up later today. It’s gonna be fresh and new. Stay Tuned.Imma TTYL🥰💗🤓📚💚✌🏼

💛🔔Make This Moment Count, Don’t Count It Out 🔔💛

💚🐸The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐸💚

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