December 26,2021 😭The Writers Journey 😭

Top of the morning my dear friends and HeartBeats Family 💗 I want to let y’all in on a secret that nobody knows. My Xmas was horrible my spirit been heavy all day This is possibly the worst Xmas I’ve ever experienced in life that I can remember. Bless It 🙏🏽 I deal with alot on a regular basis anyways, today it gave it a new ceiling.

It’s a good thing days are only 24 hours. Would say more but who wants to hear the Negative ish. All I can say tomorrow gonna be better. I can just pray 🙏🏽 this has me Afraid and questioning the New Year. This ish can’t follow me into a New Year!!! How I feel is just hurt in my spirit. I can’t deal.😭😭😭.

Working On WIPS/Safety At Ninths : I’ve been venting all day in my journal didn’t get to work on Enaji I thought about it and my aunt don’t want to move now. One reason why I’m upset. I’m not going to let her stop me though. It kind of hurt my soul. 😭 she’s ex military she can deal with more. I can’t. And I wish I could go somewhere I already know my way around. We will see what the future holds🥰🤩

Hard to smile and be merry today sorry for bringing spirits down. But as long as I have a tomorrow it’s hope for happiness🥰. I love y’all you keep me going like a HeartBeat. Today imma try and bring myself out the funk I’m in. I can’t let the Negative affect the Positive in my life. And y’all are what’s positive and keeping me going. Bless y’all 🙏🏽 TTYL🥰

Make This Moment Count, Don’t Count It Out

✍🏾StaySafe Stay Warm & Keep Writing ✍🏾

💛🔔The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🔔💛

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