December 24,2021📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning my dear friends and HeartBeats family 💗 how was your day yesterday? My day was excellent I journaled and let off some steam writing. Sometime write and don’t care who read it. Most freest thing you can do next to speaking your mind with a several F-Bombs. 😳😭 today my spirit been in my chest heavy and throat trying to come out my flesh. Anxiety through the roof. Venting helped. Worked on Enaji for an hour until I couldn’t focus I hope tomorrow I can focus on Enaji long enough to finish chapter 20.

Working On WIPS: I’ll be working on Enaji of course. Hopefully coming to the end of Chapter 20 but I feel it’s just starting the real action🤯😳🤓 we will see how it goes. When your in the Golden Hour time goes fast a whole hour seems like it’s 10-15 minutes. Can anyone relate. That’s why I do the longest Pomodoro I can find and if I stop before it’s up that’s okay I break and comeback to it. And that’s okay to have that freedom but always keep track of your time it’s a reward to catapult your speed and production’s. Which is doper than a scope.🤩🤓

Menu At Ninth’s: I had a snack of banana pudding my recipe in the cookbook. It’s so simple also had a hoagie sandwich turkey it was delicious

Safety At Ninths: you know it’s good to know who your neighbors are especially if you’ve been in your home awhile. For safety purposes only. My surrounding neighbors had to band together after a tragic incident *several years ago. I should feel safe but I still don’t after *several years. I’m phobic of everything just about. Its all from the incident. It’s like I’m reliving it everyday. I’ve definitely been traumatized on top of losing my loved ones recently on top of everything else that bothers me. Bless my spirits. Amen🙏🏽 I blog and work on Craft to keep my spirits up and all of you that’s following and liking my content keep me motivated too. Y’all my HeartBeats of my Heart y’all keep me going. I’ve been through it and I ain’t trying to go back to it. Feel what I’m saying? We all can relate.😩 Things have to get better ❤️‍🩹 Amen 🙏🏽 *not pinpointing how long ago the incident happening to keep me safe* read an article the other day neighborhoods in Baltimore banded together and strung Xmas lights from one house to the next illuminating the entire block and neighborhood and it all started from one act of kindness. I shared it to my family and friends it’s on it’s under man strung Xmas lights from his house to a neighbors house to show he supports her. He’s a rockstar because it started a movement in Baltimore. I say the lights stay on year round. It’s bringing value and safety to their community. And possibly a tourist attraction.

💛🔔Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out 🔔💛

✍🏾Stay Safe, Stay Warm& Keep Writing ✍🏾

💚🎄The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🎄💚

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