December 21,2021📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 I’ve been up working on Chapter 20 of Enaji-O and I’m pleased with what I have . I’ve also worked on my New Year Contract to myself for Sarra Cannon’s Don’t Break The Chain. I spent a lot of time working on my contract today. More time than I wanted too. But it’s finished now. My goal is to have Enaji out the Summer of 2022 imma try and hold myself accountable and accomplish this goal. No Pressure🤓 been studying The Secret and it’s actually keeping me leveled out giving me what I need to be the most productive positive me I can be. I’ve spoke about The Secret in a past Post and it has links to website it’s what gets me through hard days and it’s been a lot of those. The Secret is Life changing.

I’ve drank 2 glasses of coffee so I’m kind of up up tonight. I need to go to sleep and get a few winks so I can have a normal day today.

Working On WIPS: imma work strictly on Enaji-O . I left off at a slow scene I need to jazz it up some more. I’ll figure it out.

Are y’all planning on working on Craft X-Mas ? Your not alone. It will keep my mind off my Ancestors who aren’t here anymore. Holidays and Any days are the hardest for me. Listening and studying The Secret and staying Prayed up gets me through days I don’t want to be on earth and days I want to sleep it all away and be Numb to it all. Because it hurts like Hell missing my loved ones especially my Strong 💪🏽 Mother who survived rounds and rounds and rounds…..of chemo for many years she kicked Cancer A**. She’s the General/Commander over my life and I love and miss her very much.🥰🤎🐻

Welp imma take a pause and catch some winks of sleep to get a normal day. TTYL

💚📚Stay Safe Stay Warm & Keep Writing 📚💚

Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out

🤎🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻🤎

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