December 17,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Family💗🥰 Now I’ve had Insomnia and Anxiety real bad tonight/A.M. inner city living is what bothers me. Maybe in another life I had a farm. In the country. Who knows? How would I know it’s safer or quieter there , it just seems like it would be serene and quiet and safe. I was on a ledge emotionally and mentally not physically this evening might as well been and I had to talk myself down from having to bring someone else into the madness of maylays worrying me. Father Time came and sat with me today and held me down, because I could have done a real messed up thing and it would have been uncalled for. Peace be unto you and peace be still. AMEN 🙏🏽 Arch Angels and Father Time gathered my bits together today, and some days it can be that way for me. They say there she go let’s go get her. She’s gonna figure it out one day. Might not be right now but she’ll get it. Right now I’m saying thank the heaven’s getting me through the night hopefully get me through the day Safe. Be Safe today yall. It’s always stuff to worry about try to just live tomorrow no worries make this Friday Epic crank out dope WIPS. It’s sad to say as soon as someone let guards down bad things happen. Stuff always gotta be in your face or on your chest weighing you down. ( Ninth Face,Chest , not y’all’s. )

Inner City Living just worries me a lot. Feels like I’m getting gray hairs in my head by the second that goes by. I’m stressed out all the time. Hard to have a functioning creative mind to work on Craft but I do my best. Bless It my worries must flee when I’m working on WIPS or nothing gets done.

May our Days Always Be SAFE So We Can Live Life AMEN. No Worrying, just Living🥰🙏🏽🤩. Let’s try and be BRAVE(Me Too) and Live if we can survive the may lays. I’ve gotten use to surviving aftermaths so much I’m traumatized and stopped living life and I’m in survival mode been in survival mode a long time. Lost my mother and it’s like man apart of my warrior crew that will go to bat for me has gone. She’s still around she’s probably the spirit that got me off the ledge yesterday My mother was the type that made the family safe. And Brain Cancer took her from us and for a year I’ve been trying to figure me out. Where do my strength like my mom lay from within me? Her strength took her a whole lifetime to build on I’m built differently than she was but wishing I could draw from her tap on a lot of things. She was definitely taken from this world prematurely if she was here she would be so sick and tired of Covid so Sick and tired of bad people “The Unwanteds” she would probably be sick off me🙄😳😆🤣 Real Spit. My mom liked her space when she wanted it. Not to be bothered. Serious business. And I’m like that too. I need time to myself “quiet” or I ain’t right. She was taken before I could figure me out. And my mother I feel protects us with her wings from all things. AMEN. She is still protecting from Heaven 🙏🏽 may the heavens always protect

Welp imma TTYL enough of my soapbox I’ll be here till the end of next year talking about my maylays they too personal to get into anyways TTYL Family I’ll be back with a Just Write Mo later Stay Safe Stay Warm & Keep Writing ✍🏾 Absolutely Love 💗 Yall🐻🤎🥰✌🏼

🤍🐻‍❄️Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out🐻‍❄️🤍

💚📚The Ninth Poetess, LLC 📚💚

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