December 16,2021 💚📚The Writers Journey 📚💚

Greetings everyone 💗 Today have been a blessing. Been speaking to my mentor and best friend she has published her 200th story recently I’m keeping her kind of incognito from y’all just know her successes. She has 200 out I’m working on one. Now she did encourage me to check Amazon Vella out thing is logging in is gonna be tricky for me maybe or maybe not I don’t know 🤷🏾 we will see. Is it me or has logging into places that’s yours gotten harder or Nah? Vella would be ideal if I could log into it easily. But I haven’t looked into it yet. Also my mentor helped me in my editing. The Search/Replace Function is Legit Gravy. Had to change a few things and I was doing it manually bit by bit. Now I’ve fixed it with a few zip zapperoos. 🥰. She’s Awesome and she’s a Savior and my Sister from another misses. I’m claiming her. 🥰 This the friend that’s kicked Covid-19 in her Ugly A** now recently put out her 200th story she’s not from planet Earth. Out of this World Fantastic.💫🤩💫 🤩💫

Working On WIPS: Yes I worked on Enaji-O my New Year goals in 2022 is to have Enaji-O out to the Masses. That would be doper than a scope. This one book has so many books that’s gonna branch off from it that’s gonna be fresh and dope like none other. Working on Enaji-O tonight until my eyes close on it. Thanks to my mentor I’m on Fire 🔥 for Writing ✍🏾 even more. A Inferno Blazed Up🔥.

Menu At Ninths: Something simple grab heat up and go Egg Roll Pepsi. So good can’t be healthy but it’s getting me through. 🙄😋

Tonight imma work on my WIP. Possibly watch one of my favorite shows as a treat. I’mma avoid watching the nightly news it’s so depressing and I’m trying to stay in The Golden Hour. today I worked on Enaji from 2-4 pm imma work from 8 pm-9pm then 10-? Or Whenever I get sleepy and I’ve napped today I think my mornings go so fast. Welp imma take a pause my friends and HeartBeats stay energized by any means necessary on your WIPS and Goals.Stay Safe, Stay Warm& Keep Writing ✍🏾 TTYL 💗🥰🤓🐻🤎✌🏼

🤎🐻The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻🤎

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