December 15,2021 🤍🌪Weather At Ninths🌪🤍

Hello everyone. 😱 I’m scared out my wits I’ve prepped my safe area they say in the next 15-30 -45 minutes it’s hitting the Metro. My power gonna be off pretty soon. The tornado warning sirens went off about jumped out my skin. I’m praying it passes over or something I need my electric ⚡️ and my roof. Pray for us my aunt isn’t home pray for her to be safe. I’m worried about her. 🙏🏽 bless it. If your in Minnesota Iowa or Nebraska Hold it down yall. Grab your loved ones. I tried to tell my aunt to stay home today. She needed to go out. My mom would be having a conniption like I am.😬😱😳 I’ll be back later if I have WIFI TTYL🥰 Love Yall💗😬😳⚡️🌪⛈

⛈🌪The Ninth Poetess,LLC 🌪⛈

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