December 6,2021 📖✍🏾The Writers Journey 📖✍🏾

Hey y’all I hope today has been good to y’all. 🤩 it’s been productive for me. 🥰 This morning I read Conquer The Dark by:LA Banks and I’m a few Pages away from Being done with Chapter 1 . I’m invested and I feel like I’m Apart of the crew as part of the Angel Army. I’m in the mix. That’s Dope🤩🥰.

Working On WIPS : I dove into Enaji-O and I’m on Chapter 5 as of tomorrow. Fish and Spaghetti one of my Favorite Chapters in the novel. Why not be your own fan? Who says you can’t ? 🤩🥰

Go For It Tuesday’s Weekly Writing Prompts gonna be dope this Week. Get Ready🤓🥰🤩 We’re gonna have working With Pomodoros as one prompt. The other Two prompts will be fun as well.

Menu At Ninths: Today I had left over seafood salad and Dollar Tree Egg Roll Pepsi tomorrow may be My Spaghetti vegan meatball and chopped sweet potato tomato sauce it bangs I think I added this recipe to the cookbook but if not I’ll add it. It’s hearty and filling and tasty. And I may throw some broccoli in it for something green in it. Brussels Sprouts would be ideal but I think we’re out. Who loves roasted Brussels and roasted Garlic Cloves? Soooo yummy 😋

Welp my dearest Friends and HeartBeats family 💗🥰 imma take a pause and relax watch my show I’ve been waiting all week for. Imma TTYL everyone enjoy your evening. stay safe, stay warm & keep writing 🤓🥰🤩

💚make today count, don’t count it out💚

🤍🐻‍❄️The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐻‍❄️🤍

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