December 5,2021 Just Write Mo

Hey Everybody I hope yalls day was Fire 休弘I got what I wanted to do partially done Im working on Reading Enaji and its been hard not to add or take things out. Like I changed the undergraduate school Enaji wants to attend to a College in Paris, France 恫 from Canada 劾 I just think Paris is a great backdrop for a Extended Romance Series its the City of Love.弘歹往

Novels At Ninths: Conquer The Dark is getting interesting it has Adventure their searching for Relics thats important to human existence they have conflicts with demons. Conflicts within their circle of Angel Army the stakes are high. And Im here for it. Its a dope storyline. I love how she shows and dont tell. Her descriptions are superb. LA Banks make me feel as if Im there in the mix and maybe I should get ready start packing for this adventure they all are going on不不不 Because Im going too. 予 I hate to share my experiences reading the story I feel Im telling too much Im trying to hold back the just of it. Its a lot of the story I still dont understand. Ill keep that to myself. I feel people who do reviews on YouTube do more than what Im doing. Not to be comparing. Mines is just readable, Im not a true Book reviewer because imma love it regardless and possibly wont see the flaws if any. Thats the writer in me I know how hard it is to sit down and create anything. How can I come out my mouth sideways on anyones creations. Thats what judgers (demons-The Unwanteds )do Im not that. Imma fan. Imma Love it Down regardless. Maybe thats bad I dont know thats how my make up is built.

Menu At Ninths: seafood salad and crackers and Pepsi Snack: egg roll from Dollar Tree freezer section. The best better than restaurants and Bigger and cheaper. comes with the sauce for them even.

Medic At Ninths: YayThe pain is subsiding stuff like this make you think about stuff we take for granted. Like breathing and being comfortable. Plus I think the pain pills I took today curbed it from this morning they were strong enough to last all day and they was knock offs. I will be repurchasing them in the future.

Welp my dearest friends and HeartBeats family enjoy your evening Stay Safe. Stay Warm& Keep Writing 樹弘歹往

領儭The Ninth Poetess, LLC 領儭

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