November 28,2021 🕰The Golden Hour🕰🚨For us Writers🚨

Hello Hello Hello Friends and HeartBeats Family 💗 Tonight the Golden Hour went without a hitch and blasted into the next dimension. I have 9907 words tomorrow is gonna be lit 🔥 no days off till Nanowrimo over I wanna finish Strong. November 30 is gonna be gravy. I should be over 10,000 if I work on Shanti or the cookbook. If I add the cookbook words from the other day I’m already over 10,000 words. But I want 10,000 in Shanti: Princess of the Savanna’s. And I’m less than a 100 away. That’s Lit as a inferno. I don’t want to be put out. Let my Muse burn baby burn🔥🔥🔥🥰🤩🤓🥰🤩🤓🔥🔥🔥Fire is good that means what my Muse is dishing out is too hot for my Plate🥵🥵🥵.

Imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey if I get my sleep in and up early early morning. I want y’all to go to my Twitter and check us out. Just 2 tweets today. Imma TTYL Family🥰🤎🕰💪🏽🐻👑🐈‍⬛🖤✌🏼

🔥Make Today Count, Don’t Count It Out 🔥

🤎🕰The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🕰🤎

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