November 24, 2021 🕰The Golden Hour🕰. 🚨for us writers🚨

The Golden Hour For My Writing today was from 4-8pm and I didn’t get as much as wanted added. I typed over 800words but only over 600 in Shanti. I worked on my cookbook as well. This weekend Im making Vegan Bean Soup and I added the recipe in my cookbook today Its gonna be good😋

Tonight I plan on adding more I stopped at a high energy place of the story. It seems like every 300-400 words a different scene I stopped at Shanti and Tomias on their way back to the Compound and Tomias ask Shanti to not come on to him and act normal she obeys and their all able to sit down and conversate with Sir William and the King and the Ancestors I stopped right before the Zoom call. Sir William’s compound is high tech. So they can talk to him and watch the King on a screen like TV and he can see them all in Real Time on his device(Tablet) I’m not gonna get into the conversation now that’s for my next Golden Hour🕰🤎.

I’m hoping I wake up early early morning for my next session I don’t want to do that long of a break like that again. Bless It.

Walmart got Pumpkin Pie under 3 bucks get into it🥰 and the pie big.

Welp this was a fun segment I also posted some of this post on Twitter don’t know if The Golden Hour gonna take over Just Write Mo or not thinking bout that. Imma take a pause and enjoy my evening possibly sleep early to get up at the Golden Hour imma TTYL HeartBeats Family💗🥰

Make today count Don’t count it out

🤎🕰The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🕰🤎

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