November 22,2021 Just Write Mo 

Hello Hello Hello Friends and HeartBeats today was Epic and Im just waiting for the Golden Hour that late night Early morning peaceful time peace and quiet where you and your Muse can reign down on a WIP. New Segment starting Tomorrow The Golden Hour its gonna be posted early early morning after Im done WIPPING it in the Golden Hour I think thats Dope 予.

Today I worked on my cookbook so far and Journaled a little it felt forced to write earlier today but early early morning gonna be therapeutic if I stay in good vibes and Im trying hard I may take a slight nap and get up in 3 hours stuff bothers me so much throughout the day I yearn every night to the early morning light for the Golden Hour somewhere in between the city sleeps and its a slice of paradise somewhere planet earth I could imagine Im anywhere writing and you couldnt tell me no different Im right there. Its just a special time for me I call The Golden Hour. And the Golden Hour is an actual thing look it up but it could be for people who love the writing craft too. The special time we sit and have time to write is the Golden Hour at anytime. My time is just at 2-6 am or from 12-5pm I need to set alarms to remind me to write. But that would get annoying after while if Im not feeling it. When I really should.

Welp let me mess around with this alarm on this calendar and possibly start this I needs something nudging me a little like a little birdie sometimes thats good it holds me accountable like yall can hold me accountable for my Golden Hours, they must happen and it must go down fo sho. And yall need to figure out yalls Golden Hour I get to hold yall to it too on the Golden Hour Segment. Thats a vibe !!! 予 Put reminders on your phone to work on Craft same time everyday or on certain days. Thats not coming from me thats coming From Chris Fox and one of his books on Craft. All of his books are Amazeballs. Go to Amazon and look his name up he writes SciFi Fantasy and books on Craft teaching you how to write 5,000 words a hour thats the name of one of his books. And he has how to market books and many more helpful craft books. His SciFi novels look like they a Rollercoaster Ride. Gotta get into all his stuff.

Welp my dearest HeartBeats Family imma take a pause so I can take a nap to get up in a few hours Yall enjoy yall evening or morning or afternoon where ever your Golden Hour is make it count dont count it out TTYL 樹氣弘予儭

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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