November 15,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰 Early yesterday morning was Epic🤩maybe I can have a superior day like that again today I’ve been hot like I’m having hot flashes and I know it’s cold outside I’m trying to deal with it. It’s a Marvelous Monday gotta claim it. Got through another night that’s always a blessing. Took my pill 💊 I have 30 minutes left to wait to eat something yesterday I didn’t eat much. That’s the pill working I’ve been trying to keep up with my sugars it’s nerve wrecking literally it wrecks the nerves in your fingers I be surprised any fluids comes out. Sugars around normal a little elevated that’s my kombucha I like to drink it’s not too much today I want some shrimp poppers but I’ll probably skip it today might have homemade McRibs they mostly soy meat I think anyways like the ones from high school. They bang. Imma try and dive into Shanti today they not quite into the village yet they will be soon. I need to check old Just Write Mo’s where I had progressions of the story I may need to copy paste or just review what I’ve written it originally. I can eat something now yay!!!!! I’m starved the sun not up yet though may get a bowl of cereal. Who don’t like Cheerios? You not Human.LOL😂🤣 Dont let them have a little flavor to them. Bangs.

Welp my dearest Friends and HeartBeats 💗 imma take a pause and grab a bowl of cereal. And put my meal for the day on so I can do other things today ( Write write write) Enjoy your 15th day Of Nanowrimo we half way to our goals or close push through don’t give in don’t give up. You got it. TTYL🥰💗

🔥Make Today Count , Don’t Count It Out🔥

👑🦁The Ninth Poetess , LLC 🦁👑

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