November 9,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello everyone 弘 I updated the prompts and I think I lost a week of prompts some how唐 I hope that doesnt keep happening.

Working On WIPS: finished my poem for chapter 2 its called Love Agitated. I have one more chapter to plug in then Ill post the 3 poems for the chapters today was a heavily emotional and spiritual day for me All praise be to the Almighty. I didnt do much today but it all adds up what I do. Thats all that counts 弘

Welp dearest Friends and HeartBeats Family 弘 imma take a pause and comeback tomorrow with the Writers Journey. Enjoy the website and new prompts. All of you are welcome to join and follow the page I would love that弘 come and stay a while Check Us Out予 imma TTYL 弘

歹毋Make Today Count Dont Count It Out 歹毋

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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