November 8,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello everyone 弘 today was very relaxed its the 8th Day of Nanowrimo and I treated it as such on this beautiful cool Monday.

Working On WIPS:Worked on Shanti some at my own pace. I did 700-800 words today I wanted to do more but I ended it at the end of Chapter 2. Ill start on Chapter 3 tomorrow on a high note. Little by little everything counts. Doing my best to stick to the original storyline. One scene I wanted already written out like the story has taken over writing itself. Its scary . Dont know if thats good or bad yet. We will see.

Menu At Ninths: Had one bowl of Casserole this morning had a cup of coffee a bottled water and Im still not hungry my medicine stunts my appetite its a good thing medicine is working its keeping my sugars low and Im losing weight. Imma be at goal by next summer if it stays this way.弘 I love it!!!!!!

I did some up keep to my hair and its growing faster than I thought I love it Im still debating if I want dreds or sister locs its a expensive up keep I like being able to brush and run a comb down to my scalp most my family has locs I feel like Im out of the club. And they hair almost waist length its a beautiful style I just have my issues. I wish I could french braid period that would be a game changer. Im just not coordinated. So Ill keep doing what I can do to it. It seems to be working.

Got some kettle cooked bbq chips from Dollar Tree calling my name. They good as the name brand tons of crunch and flavor but I doubt I even dive into the bag tonight Im satiated and thats from the pill I take for my sugars. If I eat them tonight Im just being greedy even though I havent ate much today. Feels like my stomach shrinking if that could be a thing.

Welp imma take a pause and comeback later with the Writers Journey I hope all of youve had a Fantastic Monday Im ready for Tuesday and what its gonna give me(Waking Me Up and More Words Counted and A safe recovery for my family during their surgery) imma TTYL My Precious Kings and Queens

Make Today Count. Dont Count It Out

手儭The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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