November 8,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning Friends and HeartBeats 💗🥰I’m Rested and Ready for what the day bringing. Yesterday I decided to take off after I ate my dinner I passed out. It don’t take much for me. My aunt woke me up telling me she gonna try the food I cooked and I knew she would. She told me it was delicious she added more salt 🧂. To me it’s enough don’t need the sodium in my life I’ve already have pressure problems plus if you salt it too much you ruin the dish it’s no coming back from that. I was emotional yesterday because my dish reminded me of my moma on what she would cook I believe she was with me every step in the process measuring spices and salt. One reason I didn’t put a lot of salt is I had sausage in it that’s salty enough I seasoning the gravy not veggies or protein so that’s what she was missing veggies I had in was 2 bags of California Blend the Broccoli, Carrots and cauliflower and frozen chopped spinach boiled chopped potatoes skin on golden potatoes 🥔 it’s a lot going on in the dish this would also be good on pasta but pasta make pounds stick potatoes not so bad pasta make my sugars spike something vicious. It’s a good comfort meal surprised I didn’t have one onion in it but I added some chopped peppers that gave it a pop of flavor no heartburn ❤️‍🔥🙄😁. Today imma check when classes start back up I think the 10 th but I want to know for sure.

Working On WIPS: Today imma just go for it. However many words comes out will suffice . 🚨It’s just GO TIME!!!!!!!🚨 Let’s Get It Family!!!

Menu At Ninths: I’ve had coffee and plan on having leftovers this week. I got enough to feed a volleyball team and they can comeback for seconds 🙄 maybe my aunt will help me. Plus it don’t take much to fill me up. Spoon full or a spoon and a half I’m done . I cook like my grandmother in bulki just have to cut the recipe back by half ingredients. My grandmother cooked for everybody for the family and friends visiting everyday and it would last the week. She cooked like she was feeding a Army of people and you didn’t need fastfood what’s that? My mom and her would say why you waste your money? I guarantee my dish one bowl would cost 8.99 to 12.99 a bowl depending on the size bowl you get. The different proteins in it the veggies and cheeses. All that cost money. And I’m saving money from not fastfooding it. It’s a pizza 🍕 commercial that comes on that triggers me but who needs it? I can save 10-15 bucks and get a 1.25 frozen pizza from the store satisfy all the same. Inflation is here gotta save your nickels pennies and dimes.

Welp y’all imma sit here and wait till the Arch Angels cut on the lights Then I’ll start my day Love y’all the group is growing everyday and I absolutely love that I appreciate y’all so much Welcome and Enjoy yourselves

Y’all HeartBeats Family now🥰🤓

Imma take a pause and comeback later with the HeartBeats Or Just Write Mo y’all enjoy your morning have your coffee/ Cappuccino it’s National Cappuccino Day ☕️and have your breakfast 🥞

🦣Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out🦣

🐘The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🐘

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