November 6,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello Hello Friends and HeartBeats Family what have yall been doing today ? My schedule is off and I hate it. What is my deal? When yall hear how many words I got out yall will see why Im so upset with myself.

Working On WIPS: Today I wrote a little over120 words today which puts me over 4400 a little Im sitting at 20 pages maybe actually 14-15 pages face page and table contents dont count. The yawns 弗 caught up to me I have to sleep through the night stop getting up a the crack of dawn before the birds get up. My sun cut back hours and gone Part Time Lover on me. So I gotta stay up daylight hours. But Im off schedule. Im not gonna complain too much I could be with the ancestors gone from Covid or worse. Ill take 120 words over no words or no life at all so blessed is the day. Im giving thanks for it.踢踢 I may continue on tonight

Menu At Ninths: ate leftovers from yesterday tomorrow I want to make a potato cheesy casserole I dont know what kind of protein I want either I make casserole or vegan tacos we will see.

Welp dearest Kings&Queens today has came and went now Im mentally preparing for tomorrow. I got a little heartburn from my dish I ate the mixed peppers will do it It was good though. I see baking soda water in my near future.Yuck. 恫拎朮 I would take tomorrow off but Ive had some unproductive days very little done its only right I work tomorrow imma watch my Amina program though imma see if my aunt will pop her famous cheesy kettle cooked popcorn sweet and cheesy same time it bangs. Welp imma TTYL Everyone 弘毋漎收踱

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

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