November 5,2021 📖✍🏾The Writer’s Journey 📖✍🏾

Top of the morning everyone 🥰💗 Today is National Donut Day go out and have one for me. 😋🥰 I’m trying to be good with no sweet treats but a glazed twisty tie sounds good or a sour dough cake glazed bangs too. I don’t even know why I’m fixing my mouth for a donut 🍩 Let me stop. A sweet treat with my coffee this morning would be lovely though.

Working On WIPS: I plan on getting through chapter 2 or close to the end of chapter 2 . Chapter 2 is called Ghana Sweet Home. They land in Ghana and they get settled in at Sir William’s Compound. In Chapter 2 lots is exposed. Mainly the Ancestors being a Destruction of Savanna’s Cats and Lion Prides. It’s a super busy Chapter. The same with Chapter 3: The Savanna’s Secret I may move around chapter names but so far I’m pleased where they are for now. I just need to know where to end and begin a chapter. When I was writing it was in Outline form not chapters so Im piecing it together right now. I’m glad I didn’t go any further writing like that I would be in a pickle.

Menu At Ninths: Fish and possibly some Vegetables I would have some shrimp but I don’t feel like frying and the smell is yummy but it lingers a while Fish and stir fry veggies will suffice. Don’t feel like cooking but gotta eat I guess. Might as well get motivated 🙄. All I want to do is Write Write Write.

Welp Imma take a pause and comeback later with the HeartBeats 💗 or Just Write Mo🤓 have a Donut with your Coffee today it’s the Donut Holiday today get a Eclair man I love those pudding or frosting filled it don’t matter. Or a tasty Apple Fritters are Bears Claws yummy 😋 Imma TTYL 👑Kings & 👑Queens 🖤🐈‍⬛🤓✌🏼

🍩The Ninth Poetess, LLC 🍩

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