November 2,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello my Dear Crew弘 I had a late start but it was still go time. 予 Im not taking a butt whipping today from my WIP. so I dont have to brace for impact of not doing anything. Im working on the first chapter I dont type very fast so it may take me a couple days I got through 577 words today could have been more. Tomorrow imma start my classes early then work on thy WIP.

Menu At Ninths: Me and my aunt had my all famous fried Shrimp Poppers with Megan the Stallion Sauce from Popeyes and when I tell you that sauce is good yall my poppers were poppin. 沒he need to sell Bottles of it.劾弘 Taco Bell sell their sauces and shells kits in the grocery store. Maybe it will happen. 樹弘

Sitting here having coffee late hopefully it dont have me up Ive already slept late today tomorrow gotta be better. I just need to prioritize my time better and just dive in no matter the struggle. If you in it, you doing it, the battle is won. 予弘

Imma TTYL Heartbeats and friends enjoy your evening Stay Safe Stay Warm& Keep Writing Kings&Queens樹弘予

The Ninth Poetess, LLC

2 thoughts on “November 2,2021 Just Write Mo

    1. Thank you you are motivating also and some days are better than others but how ever little counted during Nanowrimo is okay it all adds up so do what you can when you can and dont be hard on yourself on days off we are not machines. Thank you for following enjoy the site pages enjoy your weekend Reensarai Thank you again手伐The Ninth Poetess伐毋

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