October 28,2021 Just Write Mo

Hello Hello Hello Friends and HeartBeats 弘 today has been Grand.

Working On WIPS: I worked on a poem I might have to rewrite but imma continue to my next poem for chapter 2. Im in limbo trying to work through it. I should have just pantsed it thats what I feel Im doing anyways. But really it dont feel like Im pantsing anything Im already knowing how I want it to go its just not on paper or recorded. It just needs to get out to the masses. Atleast I want it to get out there to the masses. Its a great story.予弘

Menu At Ninths: imma make some fried Shrimp tonight Im getting hungry

Welp dearest friends and HeartBeats imma TTYL I hope yall had a great day. Watch your favorite YouTuber tonight relax Ill be back tomorrow with the Writers Journey or the HeartBeats it depends. TTYLKings and Queens bless yall tonight stay safe and Keep Writing .弘踢均

The Ninth Poetess,LLC

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